ИБП, сетевые фильтры, аксессуары

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ИБП, сетевые фильтры, аксессуары

Power protection devices protect your sensitive equipment from the effects of power failures and power surges. The unexpected failure causes the computer to shut down improperly, causing hard drive damage. Using high-quality protection equipment helps protect the computer by providing power backup, protecting against power surges, ensuring proper power distribution, offering you a secondary power source and reducing plug inconveniences.

Enable Safe Shutdown in Case of a Power Failure
Electricity is a crucial part of homes and the corporate world. An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is a life savior when the power goes off, allowing you to continue working and save critical documents on your computer. When shopping for a UPS unit, look for one that offers you enough time to activate a secondary electrical supply.

Prolong the Life of Your Electronics with Power Protection Devices
Surge protectors help protect your computers and peripherals against power surges. Top causes of power surges include lightning storms, faulty or damaged wiring, turning high-power devices off and on rapidly, and downed power lines. Large power surges can fry circuits and melt metal and plastic parts. However, low-level power surges can cause electronic rust, which gradually degrades the internal circuitry in your computer until it fails. Most surge suppressors have circuit boards that absorb most of the power so that it does not transfer to your devices.

Enhance Uptime and Efficiency
In a data center, a critical component that requires constant monitoring is power use. Too much means higher energy bills, while too little power means equipment will not work. A power distribution unit delivering energy from the mains supply to your equipment is the solution. The proper distribution of power increases your uptime and makes it easier to spot potential problems early. You can connect and access a PDU over the network or remotely, so you obtain data and statistics on Power Usage Effectiveness for a clear picture of power utilization in a data center.

Convert DC Electricity to AC Electricity
Demand for electricity is constantly increasing, but the supply cannot match it for the changing dynamics. This leads to long power cuts to evenly distribute the limited power supply. One power protection solution is to resort to alternative sources of power that support your electrical equipment in the office. The inverter converts your direct current (battery) to alternating current, and power produced can be maintained in any voltage or frequency using switches, transformers and circuits. These power inverters start and stop automatically, and you do not have to mess with things like oil changing or constant maintenance chores. A 12V to 240V inverter does not need to work at full capacity when you just need to charge your laptop. The unit optimizes itself according to your current use, preserving the battery and ensuring it does not drain out.

Power Multiple Devices Simultaneously
If you are having trouble plugging in small appliances, consider using a power strip. This power protection device can connect several handheld devices to one power source. Then, instead of endlessly unplugging and plugging them, you can use a single switch on the strip to turn all your appliance on or off at once. Power strips range in their appearance from banks of plug-in outlets in large metal boxes to plastic-coated heads. Many strips have LED switches, which make it easier to identify when the unit is on. Some models feature a push button that automatically trips when the power strip is too hot for safe handling.